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buy furniture fabric

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buy furniture fabric

Print fabric sofas can are available all sorts of upholstery designs and in different styles of sofa, from the student dorm room foldout sofa to formal sofas reminiscent of the Victorian period. Sofas are giant pieces of furniture that may dominate a room, so deciding on the print for a fabric upholstered or perhaps a cowhide leather sofa deserves some cautious consideration, particularly if the sofa is a part of a set.


Narrow, colorful stripes can be a superb selection for print sofas. The stripes can coordinate with different furnishings in the room, and in addition with solid coloured throw pillows. Considerate positioning of the striped sofa can pull the viewer’s eye toward a picture or a window, just because the visual tendency is to comply with the stripes.


Plaids are a preferred choice for sofas that will likely be part of a country property theme. They can easily make one consider Scottish hunting lodges and the like, with English gentlemen and even Scottish gentlemen taking time away from the hustle and bustle of cities. Accompanied by mounted trophies, stonework and heavy wooden furniture, a plaid sofa will be quite imposing.

Delicate Florals

Team a sofa that is upholstered in delicate floral fabric with matching chairs, or with chairs which might be upholstered in a strong coloration that matches or complements part of the print pattern. Add strong coloured pillows, and mushy, demurely patterned crocheted throws for a gentle impact.

Bolt Florals

Cabbage roses, thistles, hollyhocks – you identify your favorite flower and image it bigger than life on your sofa. This treatment requires equally bold accouterments for the room – a large brass vase stuffed with peacock feathers, for instance, heavy swag drapes that pick up the coloration of the flowers, and sturdy furniture that can stand up to such a press release as is made by a boldly patterned floral sofa.

Cow Conceal

Whereas not exactly a print (though it may be) cow disguise upholstery with the fur nonetheless on can be quite a statement. Depending on the disguise pattern, it may be busy or daring or both – relying on whether or not the cow was dappled, pinto or Holstein. To allow that pattern to pop, tone down the colors and patterns of different furniture in the room.

Different Animal Patterns

With today’s trendy fabric manufacturing, you don’t must pores and skin an animal to get pleasure from nature’s patterns in your sofa. You can easily choose from leopard print, zebra stripes or giraffe spots to permit your furniture to express your wild aspect. Simply do not forget that such furnishings can be overwhelming if used too extensively – although if you are going for a jungle safari look whereas using only a digital camera to hunt your prey, these animal prints may be just right.

Print fabric sofas can perk up a room, but they and the opposite furnishings in the room ought to be chosen fastidiously to keep away from overwhelming the viewer. Rooms that are too busy may be fatiguing to the eye and brain, so plan equipment to your sofa carefully.