Upholstery Flagler | cool cushion fabric
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cool cushion fabric

white upholstery fabric

cool cushion fabric

I had a Queen Anne style table hanging around in the storage since last October when I used to be accumulating chairs (and tables, apparently) for the YMCA Chairs for Charity event. I did not have any chairs to match (they had been used for the charity occasion!) so I held on to this table for some time…

Per week ago it hit me – I can separate the desk high and use every half for a special venture! Duh!

Separating the tables was tremendous-straightforward, just a few screws to loosen and take away et voila! The desk skirt came off with a couple of whacks from my mallet, and we were in business.

I primed the table half (and I really ought to have primed it in white, not grey….but I wasn’t considering), and then painted two coats of off-white latex paint over top. After these dried, I set about painting over the base coat with the blue-gray paint, and creating the birch-tree effect.

Painting a string of birch bushes is easy – I free handed the trees in, painted the ‘background’ behind the trees with the blue-grey color and left the tree trunks white. To create the bark impact, use your blue-gray paint and paint in strains of various lengths in random locations alongside both sides of the trunk. Easy!

I sealed the paint after I was completed after which I used an awl and hammer to tap within the nickel-plated upholstery nails one-by-one. As soon as I bought the hang of it, it actually didn’t take as long as I expected. The final touch was adding the coat hooks and the chalkboard banner at the bottom. Too cute!

For the bench, I gave it a couple coats of off-white chalk paint and bought some 1-inch thick foam to pad the highest. As soon as upon a time this bench was a espresso desk. *gasp!* (Okay, it isn’t rocket science however it is the primary time I’ve carried out it). I stapled down a double-thick layer of batting over the foam to give all the pieces a nice clean feel. I stapled down the fabric, pulling it as taut as I might as I went.

Then I repeated the same approach I used on the coat rack to paint the birch trees on the fabric of the bench. I used latex paint and after it had dried overnight, I used medium grit sandpaper to soften and distress the fabric. The fabric doesn’t feel like cotton anymore, but more like outside-furniture fabric. Perfect for a busy mudroom or entranceway. It wipes clear and resists water!

The coat rack is supposed to grasp on the wall above the bench if it have been in a mudroom or entranceway. You possibly can put this in the bedroom, too and have the bench on the foot of the bed and the coat rack could possibly be used to carry hand-luggage, belts, scarves and even jewellery!