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fabric sofa cushions

upholstery fabric choices

fabric sofa cushions

What are the most effective slipcover fabrics?

I like to recommend medium to heavy weight fabrics which are durable, washable and have lengthy lasting design attraction. Learn how I choose the very best fabric.

Beneath are my favourite slipcover fabrics. I exploit them with good results for my consumer jobs and my own tasks. Retailer links are offered.

Note: fabric high quality, coloration, worth and availability change without notice. All the time pattern before shopping for your slipcover yardage. Read my fabric evaluate disclosure coverage on my About page.

Natural Cotton Bull Denim 12 oz.

This durable cotton denim is a very good basic for informal slipcovers that get average to frequent use. Coverage is nice over most upholstery. Shrinkage: Natural 6″ on a one yard length and 3″ on the width. Slipcovers in this Natural Denim: Marilyn’s sofa and Barb’s sofa.

White Topsider Bull Denim

Tightly woven, sturdy and offers very good protection. Nice for slipcovers that get daily use and as much as four washes per year. The look is substantial without feeling stiff. White color shouldn’t be too brilliant or too creamy. Machine washable. To keep away from deep set wrinkles ensure to clean & dry this fabric per my washing instructions. Shrinkage: 6″ per yard length and 3″ on width. Slipcover in White Topsider denim: Peggy’s sofa

Camel Brown Topsider Bull Denim

I’m tremendous proud of this tightly woven, beefy 11.5 oz. cotton denim. It’s the same cloth as Topsider White (above) however dyed in essentially the most gorgeous shade of camel. Great for everyday slipcovers. Machine wash and dry. To avoid deep set wrinkles be certain to clean & dry this fabric per my washing directions. Shrinkage: 6″ per yard size and 3″ on width.

P/Kaufmann Premium Denim Indigo Fabric By The Yard

This indigo denim is a basic. Beefy 14 oz. weight with a mushy drape. Works effectively in slipcovers that get quite a lot of use. You’ll love the durability particularly you probably have children and/or pets. The medium shade of indigo is yarn dyed (not dyed strong) which gives the fabric an authentic blue jean look. Machine washable. Be sure you pre-shrink your yardage. Shrinkage: 2″ per one yard size and 1″ on the width. Slipcovers in Inigo denim: Ellen’s love seat and Kathy’s chair.

12 oz. Heavyweight Duck White

I like this heavyweight duck cloth (canvas) for simple white slipcovers that get a whole lot of use and frequent washing. It’s a good selection when lighter-weight white fabrics should not dense enough to cowl dark coloured upholstery. Shrinkage: White 3″ on a one yard length, 2″ on the width. Slipcover made with this white canvas: Pam’s chaise

Pure Cotton Duck #12 Weight

A heavy obligation canvas made with 2-ply yarns in the fill (width of fabric). It’s denser, thicker and extra durable than 10 oz and 12 oz canvas. Designed for tents, awnings, tote bags, etc. but I discovered it really works great for slipcovers. I like the casual, relaxed look after washed….wrinkles and all. Shrinkage: 4″ on a one yard size, 2″ on the width. Slipcover made in #12 weight natural canvas: Kitty’s sectional and Sharon’s sofa.

Cotton Canvas 10 oz.

That is an economical canvas that makes a informal slipcover of medium-weight. Provided in pure and plenty of colours. The hand-really feel softens after it’s washed and takes on a relaxed, broken-in look. Count on low to reasonable wrinkle on colours and excessive wrinkle on pure relying on how you wash/dry it. Shrinkage: 4″ on a one yard length, 2″ on the width. Slipcovers made in 10 oz. red canvas: Karen’s chair and Sue’s chair

8.5 oz Brushed Canvas Pure

A medium weight Carr-Go canvas for slipcovers that get average use and few washes. It’s tightly woven with finer yarns than a utility canvas so the texture is more refined. Hand-really feel is peach pores and skin gentle. Total good coverage but test white and natural to verify your upholstery colour doesn’t present through. Shrinkage: 1.5″ on a one yard size and 1/2″ on the width. Slipcovers made in this brushed canvas: Sherry’s sofa and Bonnie’s chair.

Brazil Linen White 12 oz. and Off-White and plenty of other colors.

After washed, Brazil takes on a casual look, floppy drape and softly crumpled texture. I like the 12 oz. weight. It feels substantial without being stiff or coarse. Works nicely for both tailored and unfastened fit slipcovers. Anticipate good coverage over most upholstery fabrics and colors. Shrinkage: 5″ on a one yard length, 4″ on the width. Slipcovers made in Brazil Linen: Karen’s chair and Pam’s chair

Hemp French Linen 13 oz.

This thick, textured cloth is 100% hemp however has the look & really feel of linen. It’s a heavy weight with gorgeous drape. Stunning un-dyed pure shade. Machine washable. It takes on an exquisite floppy feel and smooth crumple when laundered. Be sure to pre-shrink. Shrinks 3″ on a one yard length, 3″ on the width. Slipcovers made in Hemp French Linen: Jenna’s chair and sofa.

Manchester Linen Natural Brown thirteen oz.

This un-dyed, natural brown linen is a beauty! It’s also probably the most durable 100% linen I’ve discovered for slipcovers. Heavy weight and tightly woven, this fabric affords wonderful coverage and is an effective alternative for slipcovers that get each day use. Low wrinkle (more of an total tender crumple) if you wash and dry the yardage. Be sure to follow my pre-shrink directions for finest results. Shrinkage: 4″ on a one yard size, 3″ on the width.

Latin Linen Cotton Pure Brown Off-White 12 oz.

I’m drawn to the straightforward rustic texture and two-tone oatmeal shade. The look jogs my memory of hemp grain sacks and homespun linen sheets. Washable and tightly woven, this 12 oz linen cotton blend is an efficient alternative for casual slipcovers that get reasonable use. Shrinkage: 5″ on a one yard size and 3″ on the width. Slipcover made in Latin Linen: Pam’s chair

Hemp Canvas Pure eleven oz.

That is a robust, tightly woven canvas in 100% hemp with the appear and feel of slubby linen. I love its natural, rustic beauty and creamy un-dyed coloration. After washed, this fabric takes on a beautiful floppy drape and allover tender crumpled appearance, no exhausting wrinkles like cotton canvas.

Chester Cotton Gingham, Charcoal & Antique White

I like this beefy cotton gingham examine. It’s a traditional and the Charcoal & Antique White colorway is a impartial I never develop uninterested in. Be mindful of the directional (one way) sample when cutting your slipcover. Good texture, a refined horizontal rib. Offered in many other colors. Shrinkage: 6″ on a one yard size, 2″ on the width. Slipcovers made in Chester Gingham: Annette’s chair and Cynthia’s sofa.

Naples Shade Buffalo Check

A putting black and white massive verify. This cotton poly blend is heavy weight and durable. Machine washable despite the fact that the label says dry clear solely. Little or no shrinkage. Wonderful coverage. This examine is a directional sample and supplied in other colours.