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french script fabric wholesale

upholstery furniture

french script fabric wholesale

Dacron is a polyester batting that needs to be added to any foam surface so that it will not be uncovered on to the fabric. Dacron has many indispensable qualities.

What are some of these indispensable qualities?

First, batting (typically known as by the brand identify Dacron) reduces the friction foam has, and thus reduces wear to fabric.

Second, as a result of polyester batting remains springy, it is ever ready to place some gentle pressure towards fabric. This means that even because the fabric stretches with age (and all the time happens) batting will push towards the fabric and keep wear-worn waves from creating.

Dacron comes in rolls

And thirdly, and most significantly, batting fills in any slackness in how you’ve upholstered your furniture, cushion, and many others. And because this can make your upholstered piece seems to be higher.

So don’t skimp and remorse it later. All the time add polyester batting to foam!

Fabric Farms Interiors sells a wide variety of upholstery supplies and tools, together with polyester batting. Visit our web site for extra information.