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furniture upholstery fabric online


furniture upholstery fabric online

One of the pieces that I am presently engaged on for a customer is an upholstered continuous arm rocking chair. The chair is fabricated from Birch and the arms are veneered with ribbon Mahogany. I couldn’t discover much in the way of historical past on this chair, however I feel it comes from somewhere around 1920. The initial shape of the arms is lower utilizing a bandsaw after which veneered over with a Mahogany. This system in furnishings making was launched in the 1840’s and could be seen on American Empire furniture. The claw foot on the rocker is machine carved.

After i acquired the rocker it had large sections of lacking veneer on the arm and the joinery was free. Under is a photo of the chair because it got here to me. You possibly can see that most of the veneer on the appropriate arm (going through the chair) is lacking.

This subsequent photo shows the chair with the finish removed. The blue tape on the arm is holding a loose piece of the arm in place.

The chair had loose joinery, and it appears that it never had glue blocks in the rear of the seat body. Glue blocks are items of wooden glued and screwed to the body within the inside corners to assist add energy to the joints. The glue blocks on the front of the seat body were nailed in place, so the the nails were changed with screws and new blocks made for back. The free joints were also spread apart and new glue put in place. The subsequent two photographs show the new glue blocks and then a photograph of the frame getting glued up.

After the joinery was tightened, the following thing to do was to repair the veneer damage. The overall thought of that is to wash the outdated glue from the broken area, cut new veneer that may cowl the house and attach it. After the glue is dried the excess glue is removed with scorching water and the excess veneer is trimmed. Under are several shots of the veneer repair. I have put in captions to explain what’s seen in each picture.