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material for upholstering chairs

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material for upholstering chairs

Velvet is a very popular upholstery for sofas and chairs — its sheen and delicate really feel make it a really snug possibility for seating. However, not all velvets are the identical — how applicable it is in your specific needs is dependent upon the make-up of the fabric.

The nap of velvet (the route of its fibers) gives it its sheen. Because of velvet’s two tonality, it provides furnishings depth and a luxurious look.

To tell the quality of a velvet, check the backing of the fabric. How densely woven the backing is, the upper the standard.

Silk velvet is the smoothest of all of the velvets. Although luxurious, it’s a more delicate possibility, subsequently not applicable for pieces with heavier visitors.

Cotton velvets crush simply, so it’s greatest to find a velvet that could be a cotton blend.

Mohair is at the top of the line with regards to velvets — manufactured from the fur of Angora goats, it’s very durable, resists dirt and has this illustrious glow that is coveted by so many. The downside of mohair is that it’s very expensive.

Velvets made from cellulose (modal, rayon and viscose) are very gentle to the contact and have a deep sheen.

Synthetic velvets made of largely polyester are quite common as a result of they don’t fade or crush. However they lack breathability and that luxuriousness of different velvet options.


Comfortable to the contact: there’s nothing just like the softness of a velvet upholstered piece of furniture.

They have a lustre: velvet is coveted by many design lovers for the depth that it offers upholstery. The two tonality of it, gives the piece dimension.


They must be vacuumed commonly: velvet attracts mud, so it requires regular vacuuming to eliminate any accumulation of mud particles and dirt. When you have a pet, it may not be the most effective option except you find a shade that is is just like your pet’s coat.

Troublesome to wash: in addition to the common vacuuming if you want to clean your velvet sofa or chair, you’ll have to hunt a professional. Not like cotton and linen you can simply throw it into the machine to be washed.