Upholstery Flagler | where to get upholstery fabric
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where to get upholstery fabric

machine washable upholstery fabric

where to get upholstery fabric

My Candy Baboo and his Senior Commander (only for the report: I didn’t make Sr. Commander’s pants) try exhausting to look fierce; MSB later stated he wished he’d quit shaving a week or so earlier than the occasion however he did not even give it some thought. He did get one picture of the again of Senior Commander’s coat; he is speaking to a gent from another church whose spouse had made him a pirate go well with from the identical sample, although his had been made for one more purpose someday earlier and has been used a number of times for different characters. MSB mentioned it was really nice wanting; he thought it was made out of one thing that appeared like upholstery fabric. I saw the images that he appeared in and wished I might gone to the trouble/expense of putting some lace on the sleeves for the Senior Commander’s shirt.

And, just for my sewing/touring buddy Miss A, here’s a photo of our different Deputy Senior Commander wearing the shirt that she made.

It was an fascinating weekend, by all accounts. MSB instructed me that they did three skits w/the pirates; in the third one, the ‘good guys’ had given the ‘treasure map’ to one of the youthful boys, and the pirates got here off the stage to capture him. What they did not figure on was ALL the opposite boys leaping to the rescue! I might have Cherished to have seen the resulting impromptu melee between the ‘pirates’ and the boys who had been trying to combat them away from the map…it completely flummoxed the guys who have been the pirates and that they had a troublesome time ‘capturing’ the youngster with the map (who was part of the skit and knew what was occurring). I still chuckle considering concerning the shock that they had….